Certificate Programs

Develop biblical ministry skills in focused tracks
designed to build immediate competency.

Our certificate programs offer students the opportunity to develop biblical ministry skills in focused tracks. Whether you already have a degree in another discipline or are simply transitioning toward an undergraduate program, but want to front-load your learning with biblical ministry foundations and skills, a certificate program may be the best option.

These programs also snap well into church and frontline ministry internships to amplify both student growth and program impact. They also map well into ACU associates and bachelors degree programs.

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Biblical Foundations Certificate
Integrated Biblical Worldview
Ministry Leadership

Biblical Foundations Certificate

18 credits. Build foundational skills for engaging God’s Word as the final authority for how you think and live. All ACU programs are built on these required courses.

Program Check Sheet: Biblical Foundations Certificate

Integrated Biblical Worldview Certificate

24 credits. One’s worldview doesn’t just touch the whole of life and learning. In many ways, it drives how we filter, process, experience, and engage life. The purpose of this program is to build an essential biblical worldview foundation, and a framework of tools for proactive integration in life and in learning.

Program Check Sheet: Integrated Biblical Worldview Certificate

Ministry Leadership Certificate

30 credits. Survey foundational skills for engaging God’s Word in life and ministry, then add ministry leadership foundations and professional ministry application skills. Students with non-ministry professional backgrounds involved in or transitioning to ministry roles, in particular, can develop biblical discipleship-driven ministry skills in this focused track.

Program Check Sheet: Ministry Leadership Certificate
Ministry leadership interns certificate program.

I have seen my personal ministry grow in the short time since we began courses. We are in the beginning stages of planting another one of our missional communities and I can say with certainty that I wouldn’t be nearly as confident in this if it wasn’t for how I am being trained to then train others. I am ecstatic at the way this program has begun to mold my mind as I step into more roles in ministry and leadership. I am thankful that I am part of a school that wants to see me win and be a better vessel for the Kingdom of God.

Brooke A.

BS Biblical Studies Program

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