School of Biblical Studies

Develop the ability to lead and teach from a solid biblical foundation,
equipped with skills for a lifelong journey in the Word.

The Bible claims to be the Word of God, breathed out onto the pages of a book. It is alive and powerful for the transformation of lives. Within it is everything that is needed for life and godliness.  The Bible invites us to engage it with simplicity and godly sincerity and promises to change us by its power. It is the communication from God that must form the foundation for a meaningful life.

Each Biblical Studies degree program provides a practical, engaged and immersive educational pursuit for students that enhances their ability to lead and teach from a solid biblical foundation. Its aim is to equip leaders with skills for a lifelong journey in the Word while igniting in them a hunger that anchors them in that pursuit.

Program Highlights

  1. Develop a biblical hermeneutic approach that engages the Scriptures as the authoritative power for life and practice.
  2. Apply exegetical skills to Scripture for a clear understanding of what the text says, what it means, and its implications for life.
  3. Articulate the contextual message of the whole of Scripture and the relation of each part to the whole.
  4. Communicate Scriptures formally or informally through preaching, teaching, discussion, or in writing, with a view to helping others hear, consider, and respond to its teachings and their implications.

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Associates Degree Program
Bachelor’s Degree Program
Master’s Degree Program

AS Biblical Studies

60 credits. Foundation meets flexibility. Build a strong biblical foundation while focusing your study on specific areas of interest. The Associate of Science degree in Biblical Studies includes a robust core of Bible and Theology courses and a generous set of free electives to align both incoming transfer credits and to set up for a clean pathway to a bachelor’s degree.

Program Check Sheet: AS Biblical Studies

BS Biblical Studies

120 credits. A strong biblical foundation applied your way. The Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies is loaded with Bible and Theology courses and a generous pool of Free Electives, this program is designed to work for you, whether designing a custom path, transferring credit in from another school, or building toward an accelerated master’s degree.

Program Check Sheet: BS Biblical Studies

MA Biblical Studies

30 credits. Salt your professional capacity with essential biblical engagement skills. Go wide AND deep with a curated skill-development mix that will immediately grow your biblical capacity and multiply your ministry impact in any context or role. Whether you are an existing professional switching careers, a ministry resident supplementing practical experience, or an aspiring ministry professional, the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies program will inject immediate value into your ministry effectiveness.

Program Check Sheet: MA Biblical Studies
Leah H - BS Biblical Studies degree program

When I committed to moving to Haiti, I was sure there was no chance of me ever getting a college degree, and that was harder to accept than I thought it would be. When the opportunity to earn a degree doing what I love in the place that I love was presented to me, it seemed too good to be true. I have loved every bit of university since starting in August.

Leah H.

BS Biblical Studies, MA Christian Leadership

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