School of Ministry & Leadership

Develop the core character and capacity to lead an organization
that is anchored to its mission, that mobilizes an effective
organizational team and equips them to accomplish the mission.

In these times of rapid cultural and economic change, effective Christian leaders must be able to focus on the mission, mobilize people in pursuit of the vision, and execute strategies that accomplish the mission. It’s a tall order. It requires extraordinary leadership. The Christian Leadership program uses a dynamic integrated learning framework to equip leaders for real-time faith-driven leadership skill development to meet that challenge in any organization and leadership role.

The purpose of ACU’s Christian Leadership program is to develop the core character and capacity to lead an organization that is anchored to its mission, that mobilizes an effective organizational team and equips them to accomplish the organization’s mission.

The Bachelor of Science program offers the opportunity to select a specialized concentration in Camp Ministry, Intercultural Ministry, or Youth Ministry.

Our Leadership students have applied our integrated approach to OVER 70 UNIQUE PROFESSIONAL CONTEXTS (i.e. camping ministry, youth ministry, urban ministry, active duty military, public speaking, university administration, high school education, relief work, local church leadership, government, intercultural missions and more on four different continents. Our proprietary Learning Blueprint framework allows you to grow core leadership skills right where you are, whether that’s an internship, a church residency, or a professional leadership role in ministry or in the marketplace.

Program Highlights

  1. Exercise leadership that encourages and facilitates collaborative learning at all levels of the organization.
  2. Apply a solid understanding of organizations that creates and maintains a productive community of growth-oriented learners.
  3. Develop comprehensive strategies using skills in evaluation, adaptation, and integration of new and existing strategies for the efficient and effective pursuit of organizational goals.
  4. Recruit, develop, and mobilize staff and volunteers as effective teams.

Quick Links

Associates Degree Program
Bachelor’s Degree Program
Master’s Degree Program

AS Christian Leadership

60 credits. Leadership essentials distilled into a focused program. Load up and go… the straightest line to our undergrad leadership toolbox, with built-in Bible foundations essentials.

Program Check Sheet: AS Christian Leadership

BS Christian Leadership

120 credits. A robust ministry leadership toolbox with a strong biblical foundation. Tool up to bring competency and capacity in faith-driven leadership to any role in a range of purpose-driven organizations. Includes our Ministry Leadership Foundations and Professional Ministry Core courses, plus room for a concentration in Camp Ministry, Intercultural Ministry, or Youth Ministry.

Program Check Sheet: BS Christian Leadership

Optional Degree Specializations

Students in the BS Christian Leadership degree program may choose a degree specialization based on their career interest and/or the ministry environment they choose as a context for course application. Your completed degree specialization will be named on both your degree diploma and your permanent transcript.

Camp ministry students develop program skills and counseling experience.

Camp Ministry

Camp and recreation programs are key components of mission outreach strategies in the U.S. and around the world. Master the skills and competencies for high-impact active ministry environments and play a valuable role in the mission of the global church.

Intercultural ministry students on short term missions learning and serving with Breathe Partners.

Intercultural Ministry

The global population will soon crest 8 billion souls. Only 240 million of them (3%) will live in North America. Over 2.2 billion (28%) will be without the gospel. Step into real world missions fields to gain tools and experience to carry Jesus to the world.

Youth ministry students serving Gen Z and Generation Alpha students.

Youth Ministry

Gen Z and Generation Alpha are hurdling toward adulthood in a world of unprecedented change — connected, but feeling alone. More than ever, they need youth ministry influencers grounded in truth, with a Jesus-like commitment to build connections and community.

MA Christian Leadership

30 credits. Go pro in faith-driven leadership. The Master of Arts in Christian Leadership program is flexible enough to weld into any current leadership context, whether a ministry internship, a church residency, or your professional ministry role. The integrated approach provides instant value and impact in your competency and capacity as you apply new tools in real time as part of your coursework.

Program Check Sheet: MA Christian Leadership

I would like to let you know how much I have enjoyed this class (THE538). It has really benefited me personally, my ministry with Youth, and the final project will have a huge impact on my volunteers which will greatly impact their lives and greater benefit the ministry. The way this course is set up is the best format that I have ever experienced in a distance course. I wanted to thank you for the hard work and effort that you have put in to making this program what it is.

Craig F.

MA Christian Leadership Program

Launch Faster. Go Farther.

Start making the difference only you can make. We promise to match your passion and fuel your drive with:

No Delay. Learn while serving in a ministry aligned with your gifts, your passion, and your calling.
No Debt. Earn your degree at half the price of most other schools.
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