LEARN where you LOVE.

Learn on the front lines of ministry with courses designed to maximize both learning and ministry impact in real ministry contexts.

Go, LEARN… and LOVE it.

“This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast and one which enters within the veil, where Jesus has entered as a forerunner for us…”

Hebrews 6:19-20 NASB


Christian Leadership

Prepare to lead from a foundational skillset and a strong biblical worldview.

Urban Ministry

Know and embrace the multicultural dynamics that shape urban communities minister Christ effectively within them.

Intercultural Ministry

Carry creative, Gospel-soaked ministry to the world in this global era.

Youth Ministry

Build a discipleship-driven student ministry in a local church or parachurch ministry.

Camp Ministry

From mission to program, develop and lead an impact-driven camp ministry.

Family Ministry

Provide effective leadership in church-based family ministry programs for ages birth through college.

“Every day I am continually thankful for the incredible experience this has been. The program provides the hands-on ministry that you learn about in a classroom setting yet you do not see it come to life until you step foot into actual ministry. This program bridges the gap

I have absolutely loved the internship and would not trade it for anything. I am confident that when I step into a full-time ministry position I will be well-prepared because of my time here at the internship.”

-Dahlia (MA, Christian Leadership)

Partner With ACU

Does your church or organization host an internship, apprenticeship or GAP program to train and mentor developing Christian leaders?

What if you could add all the essential tools and resources to blend your efforts with university-level course delivery while still driving that process from your core DNA… and it would add revenue to your budget?

Dan O'Deens - Compassion Corp“The partnership with Anchor Christian University continues to push us to new levels of impact on quality, consistency, and value for our students. Their team helped us inject university-level academic delivery tools, curriculum, program design, instruction coaching and accountability into Compassion Corp while retaining our organizational culture… We’re us, but better.

Dan O’Deens

Executive Director

“As an overseas missionary already involved in leadership, pursuing a degree had nothing to do with prestige. I wanted to become a better leader. I wanted to know how to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that lay before me. The leadership degree was a perfect fit.

Rather than a “one size fits all” approach to learning, the professor individualized the content for what I was currently facing. Regular conversations gave input from across the globe. Assignments were ministry projects that I already had, simply enhanced to deepen the learning. Rather than my studies pulling me away from ministry, they pulled me deeper into ministry. My life and ministry will never be the same.”

-Kyle (MA, Christian Leadership)

“…I felt the Lord leading me to find something that melded practical service with all the education I was receiving at college. So I applied and jumped into this year-long frenzy of teamwork, event-planning, teaching, and discipleship. Alongside Ben and Krista, I was confronted with the rigors of full-time ministry, and at times it felt overwhelming.

But when I saw students develop into leaders and disciplers of their own, I knew that God’s gospel purposes were being fulfilled and it was completely worth the struggle.”

-Josh (MA, Christian Leadership)

“I was 16 credits into my seminary education… and I loved all that I was learning. But at the same time, I knew that I needed some personal guidance to show me how to put the ideas I was learning in the classroom to work in a practical manner. The pastoral staff at CVC were open to help, willing to put me to work, and caring enough to constantly develop and challenge me with new situations and expectations.

I’ve made some big mistakes here. I’ve hurt people and failed to think through some of my actions. This has been a safe place to do that. Now, by God’s grace, I am better prepared, aware of my weaknesses and ready to form a team for ministry wherever God leads.”

-Ben (MA, Christian Leadership)

“I heard about the internship through a professor and was immediately interested. I took a step of faith, packed up my car after graduation and moved to Ohio. I knew I needed a fresh start but I wanted it to be in a place where I was surrounded by godly, Jesus loving souls.

I was given the opportunity to work as a team, plan events, mentor students, develop stronger communication skills and grow even more in my walk with Christ. The impact team guided me with love and truth and today I consider them some of my closest friends. I enjoyed the environment of creativity, room to make mistakes and the many opportunities I had to show the love of Christ to middle school and high school students.”

-Krista (MA, Christian Leadership)

“As a result of the internship, I decided that, yes, God was leading me to England. So in about 2 years’ time, I plan, Lord willing to go to England and work there and do church planting ministry. I can honestly say that because of the ACU team’s involvement with my internship and the way that they helped me, it was a great experience. I would recommend it to anyone considering an internship. Anchor Christian University is a great organization with great people who want to help you maximize that experience and help you have and effective hands-on experience wherever you want to go.”

-Neil (BS, Intercultural Ministry)

“The internship at Lifeline Ministries changed my life. I knew I wanted to work with youth in the inner city, but my passion for the ministry grew over the internship. Living ministry became my goal instead of just working in ministry. Going into this internship I was hoping to change lives and instead my life was changed. I saw firsthand what these kids experience, from extreme poverty to no love from anyone near to them. We were able to use our ministry to show these kids the love of God and help them in any way we could. The opportunity I had to work alongside people who have been doing this for years and learn from them was an amazing blessing. “

-Emily (Urban Ministry)

“I loved getting to earn course credit at Skyview Ranch! I am a hands-on learning type of person and feel like I gained more knowledge by actually living it rather than reading it out of a textbook. I learned through stories and experience how to make tough business decisions when peoples jobs are on the line, and how to manage people by practice and guidance rather than by a lecture. One-on-one mentorship, I believe, is truly one of the most important aspects of learning so you have someone to challenge you whatever level you’re at, and to hold you accountable. It was one of the best experiences of my educational career.”

-Kendra (Camp Ministry)

“Early on in my full-time ministry, I needed some additional education to help me navigate the many facets of pastoring a church. The Leadership master’s degree program was exactly the help I was looking for.  I got the theological education I needed to continue leading a church AND the unique delivery approach of the program helped me to practically apply what I learned in my context. I graduated from the program four years ago and still find myself employing so much of what I learned on a day-to-day basis. When I consider the many years of education that I had, I can honestly say that the church and I have benefited the most from the courses in this program. It provides an incredible way to learn while serving on the front lines of ministry.”

-Derreck (MA Christian Leadership)

“This season of my life studying ministry with ACU in Haiti has been fruitful, to say in the least. Before beginning this program through Compassion Corp I had completed one year of schooling at The Ohio State University. I felt that what I was doing was living in obedience to God simply because it was what was normal. I fit into what the average college-aged student was doing, but I wasn’t fulfilled whatsoever by my schooling. I looked at my schedule, knowing that I was just “getting by”, not nessisarily passionate about anything I was studying.

Living in Haiti while getting my degree is a dream. I am now confident that I am living fully into what the Lord has called me to. Although I thought I had to compromise my hopes of getting a degree and being equipped in that way by moving to Haiti, God decided differently. I am reading books that not only are all each things I’m passionate about, but books that apply to my life in ministry right now. Even in how our weekly homework and classes are done, I see myself growing as a student week to week.

I have seen my personal ministry, The Young Lights, grow in just the short time we have begun our schooling. Because of how I am being trained, I am able to stay “one step ahead” as I teach our six Haitian leaders that lead the Young Lights. We are even in the beginning stages of planting another one of our missional communities and I can say with certainty that I wouldn’t be nearly as confident in this if it wasn’t for how I am being trained to then train others. It is an honor to be a part of this program, and I am ecstatic at the way this program has begun to mold my mind as I step into more roles in ministry and leadership. I am thankful that I am apart of a school that wants to see me win and be a better vessel for the Kingdom of God.”

-Brooke (BS Intercultural Ministry)

“I have been loving getting my college degree the way that I am. I had no idea that there were other ways to pursue higher education, but once I started school like this I was amazed at all of the opportunities that come from it. I am able to balance and fully engage in school and being in full time ministry. I love that everything I am doing in school is not busy work or things that I do not care about. I am able to study the things that directly apply to my life and able to integrate learning points into my life immediately. I don’t know to find a work/school balance because my life consists of both simultaneously. I am always learning in ministry and applying it to school, and always learning in school and able to use it in my ministry, and I am so grateful for this experience!”

-Alyssa (BS Intercultural Ministry)

“I loved the idea of college and always said that I would go if it’s what God needed for me to do to get to where He wanted me to go. When I committed to moving to Haiti, I was sure there was no chance of me ever getting a college degree, and that was harder to accept that I thought it would be. When the opportunity to earn a degree doing what I love in the place that I love was presented to me, it seemed too good to be true.  I wasn’t going to miss that chance.

I have loved every bit of university since starting in August. It feels right. I’ve learned things that I never thought that I would be able to learn and I don’t have to miss out on actively serving in Haiti. It’s the best of both worlds. The more that I learn and talk to other people in ministry I’m realizing how forward thinking my education is. I’m learning things in the “classroom” that I can immediately integrate into my personal ministry and day to day life. I really cannot think of a better way to pursue ministry than to learn in the field and by experiencing what it’s like to live life on mission, and that’s exactly what Compassion Corp and Anchor University are letting me do. “

-Leah (BS Intercultural Ministry)

“This school is revolutionary. I now do school passionately alongside my ministry in Haiti and I’m more effective because of it. It has taken my disinterest in doing school and allowed me to have a passion for it. I am not wishing away my days till graduation but instead giving myself fully to each day, eager to find what I will learn. It is because of this experiential way of doing school that I am a student earning my college degree, and I’m excited to only be a freshman, with three more promising years of learning ahead of me.”

-Noah (BS Intercultural Ministry)

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