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Want to become a preferred destination school for ACU students? 

Today’s post-secondary education marketplace is crowded, compressing and confusing for students and parents looking to draw a straight line from Point A to Point B.  At ACU, we work hard to simplify the decision process around each student’s God-designed purpose and path… even when that means strategically transitioning students to partner institutions.

Give students degree endpoints tailored for their trajectory.

Intentional Design… Student Pathways

Every student has a unique story and a unique trajectory.  From the very beginning, Anchor Christian University was designed to aggressively pursue and align with the God-designed trajectory of each and every student.  This commitment requires a strategic and nontraditional approach to designing both flexible and effective pathways to essential skill development and degree endpoints.

One key pillar to accomplishing this commitment is developing partnerships with other post-secondary institutions to create strategic degree pathways that leverage the best tools, resources, platforms, and relationships each has to offer.  We describe it as a “river” mentality, as opposed to a “pool” mentality.

-Dr. Bill Higley

Executive Director

Clarks Summit University“The blended experience-based course delivery system Anchor leverages is uniquely attractive to nontraditional distance students we recruit. Additionally, the active effort of their organization to recruit students into Clarks Summit University programs from outside our network footprint multiplies value for our Admissions team and helps to fill distance course rosters in core program courses we deliver directly.

The course delivery partnership we maintain with Anchor Christian University is unique and valuable for Clarks Summit University, both missionally and financially. I would recommend the opportunity to any school desiring to grow and innovate in the distance learning space.”

Two Ways We Partner

Anchor Christian University was designed, from its inception, to strategically partner with other colleges and universities within the ecosystem of Christian post-secondary education. There are two primary ways we aim to partner:

A. Program and Course Articulation

We intentionally create and actively promote pathways for Anchor Christian University students to complete degree programs at your accredited school via a defined articulation agreement.

B. Contracted Course Delivery

We contract with your accredited school to offer some or all of our courses and programs via your catalog, then leverage our qualified and trained faculty to instruct them on your school’s behalf.

Eight Ways We Add Value

Our goal is to create value for the entire ecosystem we serve, including schools, students, and front-line sites.  Each value item below is marked with A, B or A,B to indicate which approach(es) above they represent.

1. Free Student Pipeline

The average cost to acquire a post-secondary student to a private college or university is over $2300. Our growing pipeline of students coached toward Your School as a degree endpoint is immediately profitable, at no cost to you. (A, B)

2. Free Network Promotion

How much do you spend (salaries, travel, conference costs, etc…) to grow your network of feeder organizations? Active endorsement of Your School and its programs throughout our global ministry partner network of churches and para-church ministries will expand your network, at no cost to you. (A, B)

3. Profit on Every Course

Our economic model creates positive net cash flow for Your School on every student credit hour delivered. (B)

4. Accreditor-Friendly

Our proprietary integrated course delivery and assessment system has passed multiple scheduled accreditation reviews over an extended relationship (15+ years) with a regionally accredited partner school. (B)

5. Small Classes or Programs, Still Profitable

Our unique ecosystem allows us to deliver small unique courses and programs at an immediate profit for you in specialized ministry programs like camping, missions, urban ministry and youth ministry. Add a program without startup overhead, investment risk and/or break-even lead time. (B)

6. Differentiable Alternative

The modern nontraditional distance student craves connected applied learning approaches. Distance learning is already, by its nature, a disconnected experience. Our programs are sticky (recruitment and retention) because students thrive in our delivery approach. Our ministry programs are developed, deployed and proven alternatives to traditional distance learning programs. (B)

7. Qualified Adjunct Faculty

Our contracted faculty team is academically qualified and specifically trained for specialized delivery of blended experience-based courses. We recruit, train, deploy, manage and pay them. (B)

8. Free Student Advisement

For students in our contracted programs, we provide consistent, knowledgeable, value-driven student advisement with a high-relationship approach that fosters retention. (B)

Current Partnerships

  • Regionally Accredited
  • Online Programs Available
  • Tuition Discounts for ACU Transfers
  • Undergraduate Programs (up to 90 credits transferable)
  • Graduate Programs (up to 15 credits transferable)

Lancaster Bible College

  • Regionally Accredited
  • Online Programs Available
  • Undergraduate Programs (Transfer % TBD)

Ready to Partner?

Click the button to jump to an inquiry form that will help start the conversation.  We are always excited to hear about what the Lord is doing through other institutions and to pursue opportunities to collaborate.

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