Frontline Ministry Partners

Taking biblical higher education to the front lines of ministry and leadership.

We believe the ideal setting to learn ministry is on the frontline, mentored by experienced professionals.  ACU partners strategically with frontline Christian organizations committed to investing in emerging leaders to deliver powerful learning on the frontline.  Is that you?  

Want to improve recruiting, add revenue and more?

What is it?

The ideal platform for training future ministry leaders is in actual ministry organizations committed to strategically mentor developing leaders. That’s you. What if you could add all of the essential tools and resources to blend your efforts with university-level course delivery while driving that process from your core DNA… and it would add revenue to your budget?

Anchor Christian University was designed, from its inception, to strategically partner with frontline ministry organizations as a platform for delivering effective courses and degree programs. Our vision is to take biblical higher education to the front lines of ministry and leadership using a distance education model to produce graduates who are biblically grounded, faith-driven, relevantly experienced, and highly competent Kingdom citizens.

-Dan O’Deens

Executive Director

“The Breathe vision for Compassion Corp was to build a dynamic platform for our team to invest real ministry skill in emerging leaders headed toward ministry to marginalized people in the developing world and urban spaces. We had already developed an amazing team of mentor/leaders and a targeted training regimen for the program… Compassion Corp students were going to get valuable missional experience.

The partnership with Anchor Christian University continues to push us to new levels of impact on quality, consistency, and value for our students. Their team helped us inject university-level academic delivery tools, curriculum, program design, instruction coaching and accountability into Compassion Corp while retaining our organizational culture and call as driving forces in how we execute. It’s Compassion Corp accelerated… not a university program squeezed into an awkward box in a foreign environment…

On the learning side, we’ve seen a significant leap forward in the focus and pace of growth for Compassion Corp students since implementing the integrated courses with ACU. The learning approach produces immediate tangible results that build on the investment our team is making.

Ultimately, our ability to recruit and retain young leaders headed toward missional ministry is years ahead of what it was. The degree options, including transfer options to partner schools, solve a big challenge for students… and parents… that think training on the field requires a pause or off-ramp for their education.

Any ministry organization that invests intentionally in young leaders… or would like to… would be well served to partner with ACU through this program. It seems we discover new ways it improves our people and our process on a weekly basis. We’re us, but better.

Seven Ways We Add Value

1. Amplify Recruiting

Whether you fish in your own pond or recruit globally, you are one of several options competing for quality interns. Integrating quality portable academic courses and programs will differentiate your program and land more and better interns. Plus, we actively push students that fit your program to investigate your program as a learning platform. Oh… and we automatically apply a $100/credit scholarship in your name to the accounts of students learning in your program.

2. DNA-Driven Accountability

Academics come with accountability. For distance students, that often equals distraction or divided attention. Our courses and programs intentionally align student academic efforts with your missional investment, adding focus, gravity, and accountability to your program, along with tangible ministry outcomes.

3. Operational Revenue

For most ministry partners, our instructor compensation model injects significant revenue into the budget that can be used to defray program costs, pay stipends or improve recruiting through scholarship offerings.

4. Accredited Degree Endpoints

Most potential interns are asking big questions about their future. We designed degree completion plans and transfer agreements with Anchor Christian University and accredited partner schools that leverage one or many courses interns will complete toward accredited degrees in line with their God-directed path.

5. Big School Tools and Resources… On Us

Anchor Christian University deploys an enterprise-level cloud Learning Management System (LMS) to bring our core instruction framework, content, and grade book into your context. Our administrative team, admissions staff, academic advisors, etc., serve your team and your interns… for free.

6. Program Design and Coaching

Our team is there for your team. Leverage our decades of experience designing and deploying discipleship-driven training in frontline ministry contexts.

7. Discounted Access to Staff Training

We train disciple makers, both directly and through our partner organization, Pilgrimage Educational Resources. Gain free or discounted access to the Wilderness Institute for Leadership Development to accelerate your team’s training in multi-level discipleship skill.

“I have been loving getting my college degree the way that I am. I had no idea that there were other ways to pursue higher education, but once I started I was amazed at all of the opportunities that come from it. I am able to balance and fully engage in school while being in full-time ministry. I love that everything I am doing in school is not busy work or things that I do not care about. I am able to study the things that directly apply to my life and able to integrate learning points into my life immediately… and I am so grateful for this experience!”

-Alyssa (BS Intercultural Ministry)

-Martha Kohns

Executive Director

The Springs - Gladwin MIThe Springs Ministries has become a classroom for students and interns to participate in the daily function of a dynamic ministry.  Anchor Christian University’s distance program inspires students in their chosen academic field to interact with educational resources while participating in a thriving ministry. Students are able to incorporate their learning with the needs of the ministry. Our ministry has seen the benefit of using our site as a classroom allowing students to learn and grow while giving value in many areas of practical ministry.”

-Derreck Jewell

Pastor/Camp Board Member

“As a student in the Christian Leadership program, I discovered immediately that the content was delivered in a unique way. When I developed my first project I began to understand the depth of learning I was experiencing under this unique system of education.

Having graduated from the program, I can look back and see how much of that education is still being employed in our local church ministry. I was extremely excited when the opportunity arose to facilitate other front-line ministry students through their courses, including at The Springs, where I serve as a board member.

What a joy it is to help ministry partners across the world engage in learning and growth in their specific contexts as we partner with them to reach their educational goals.  I find great satisfaction in seeing students apply what they are learning in their ministry environments and developing practical applications that help spread the Gospel and strengthen the church.”

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