Youth Ministry

The ministry platforms for engaging youth are diverse and plentiful. Be prepared students to strategically minister to young people where they are.

Youth Ministry Concentration

BS Christian Leadership | 120 Credits

Youth ministry is both an ancient and modern phenomenon, where strong Biblical patterns regularly collide with changing cultural and ministry models. Current studies show shocking attrition in post-graduation church attendance and measurable decreases in key spiritual indicators in young people.

Yet the youth ministry “industry” that includes local churches, growing para-church organizations, residential Christian camps, spiritually-oriented adventure programs, and missions trip agencies, continues to press into the challenge of reaching youth for the Kingdom. The platforms for engaging youth are diverse and plentiful. This program will prepare students to strategically minister to young people where they are.

Concentration Highlights

  1. Establish a Biblical foundational philosophy for ministering to youth and develop basic skills and competencies for effective youth ministry.
  2. Understand modern youth culture and its impact on adolescents and their worldviews.
  3. Establish a comprehensive strategy for effective communication in youth ministry.
  4. Effectively train teens to influence their world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“…I felt the Lord leading me to find something that melded practical service with all the education I was receiving at college. So I jumped into this year-long frenzy of teamwork, event-planning, teaching, and discipleship. I was confronted with the rigors of full-time ministry, and at times it felt overwhelming.  But when I saw students develop into leaders and disciplers of their own, I knew that God’s gospel purposes were being fulfilled.”


Youth Ministry Courses

From philosophy to strategy and hard skills, our youth ministry courses are designed to build immediate relative competency.

  • YMN301 Youth Ministry Philosophy
  • YMN315 Adolescents & Youth Culture
  • YMN321 Communication in Youth Ministry
    YMN407 Youth Ministry Evangelism

Mentored Internships

Internship opportunities in the local church or a para-church organization serving teens, like…

Lifeline Ministries
Elkhart, IN

Cuyahoga Valley Church
Broadview Heights, OH

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