Intercultural Ministry

The world is a harvest field full of Kingdom opportunities. It desperately needs the Gospel. The Intercultural Ministry program prepares students to help engage that need.

Intercultural Ministry Concentration

BS Christian Leadership | 120 Credits

According to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon Conwell University, by 2025, it is estimated the global population will crest 8 billion souls. Only 240 million of them (about 3%) will live in North America. Over 2.2 billion people (28%) will still be unevangelized. Global population is growing 20% faster than the population of Christian workers. Christian martyrdom will increase 50% to 150,000 martyrs per year. The global poor constitute 46% of the world population, including 1.4 billion urban poor and 500 million people on the verge of starvation. Based on current trends, the cost-effectiveness of Christian finances will be $1.47 million per baptism, up from $762,000 in 2012.

The world is a needy place full of needy people. It’s a harvest field full of Kingdom opportunities. It desperately needs the Gospel. The demand for creative, Gospel-soaked engagement with the world by evangelical believers has never been greater. Nor have the farthest reaches of the globe ever been more accessible due to the technology and resource advantages of modern Christ-followers.  The Intercultural Ministry program prepares students to help engage those needs.

Concentration Highlights

  1. Establish a Biblical foundational philosophy for ministering in intercultural contexts and develop basic skills and competencies for effective intercultural ministry.
  2. Understand modern global culture and its impact on world citizens and their worldviews.
  3. Establish a comprehensive strategy for effective communication in intercultural ministry.
  4. Effectively train those they lead to influence their world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

"Living in Haiti while getting my degree is a dream. I am now confident that I am living fully into what the Lord has called me to. I have seen my personal ministry grow in the short time since we began courses. I am able to stay “one step ahead” as I teach our six Haitian leaders. We are in the beginning stages of planting another one of our missional communities and I can say with certainty that I wouldn’t be nearly as confident in this if it wasn’t for how I am being trained to then train others. I am ecstatic at the way this program has begun to mold my mind as I step into more roles in ministry and leadership. I am thankful that I am part of a school that wants to see me win and be a better vessel for the Kingdom of God.”


Intercultural Ministry Courses

Our intercultural ministry courses are designed to develop relevant skills to understand, engage and bring Christ to the nations effectively.

  • ANT410 Cultural Anthropology
  • MIS401 Intercultural Ministry Philosophy
  • MIS402 Intercultural Communication
  • MIS 403 Intercultural Evangelism

Mentored Internships

We have worked with students serving in ministry environments around the world, including:

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